Do you have anyone in your life that says things like “It’s not climate change, its just cycles”, or “I heard on Fox News that climate change is a hoax”?  Unfortunately these people exist by the millions, and you can talk until you are blue in the face, but they fire back with the same Rush Limbaugh regurgitated rhetoric.  It quickly becomes obvious that it is nearly impossible to argue with someone that doesn’t value evidence.  


This site was started for the people who aren’t so short sighted.  People that value clean water, clean air, and non-poisoned food.  People that would like to leave a better future for those that come after us.  

This is really just a casual collection of articles and news that focuses mainly on new technology that is being developed to improve our chances of a sustainable future.  Companies that deserve some credit will certainly get some here.  On the other hand, people and companies that are continuing to trash our planet will be exposed as often as possible.   

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