Bill Maher Guest Doesn’t Seem to Grasp the Science of Climate Change

BillMaher2Bill Maher’s head almost explodes as he is immersed in the stupidity by one of the guests on his show Real Time with Bill Maher.  If you ever wondered what it’s like talking to a brick wall, this may be about as close as it gets.

We owe every bit of our convenient modern world to science.  When nearly 11,000 peer reviewed studies determine something is scientific consensus, that means the debate is over.  It means that issue can now be called fact unless it is disproved by larger bodies of scientific evidence.

When you disregard the science behind climate change because it is politically inconvenient for your party or because you are funded by fossil fuel companies, you are doing a disservice to all life on our planet.

The man on the panel is WSJ journalist and author, Bret Stephens.  For an otherwise intelligent person, his answers are so unbelievably backwards that we felt almost embarrassed for him as we watched it.  He repeatedly refers to vague studies from the 1970’s and earlier, and holds them at higher regard than the 10,855 recent studies on our man-made climate change.

Now why would someone prefer outdated bits of science over the mountains of current scientific evidence on climate change (especially when we are seeing the effects happening globally in real time)?  We don’t know either.  Maybe the Koch Brothers slipped him a check…who knows.

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