Bill Maher on Climate Change Denial

billmaherBill Maher takes a few minutes on his show Real Time with Bill Maher to rant in disgust about the culture of climate change denial in the Republican party.  If you aren’t familiar with Bill Maher, he is a stand-up comedian and liberal talk show host who focuses on sarcastic political satire and sociopolitical commentary.  He’s hilarious, and has the balls to call out powerful politicians in a way that nobody else does.

In this particular clip, anti-science republicans are in his crosshairs.  In a time when the effects of climate change are already being felt globally, we no longer have the luxury of time to sit around speculating if the scientists got it right.

Right now the ranking republican on the environment committee in congress is a man with ZERO background in science.  His name is Senator James Inhofe from Oklahoma, and he is one of the most prominent climate change deniers in office.  When I say he has zero background in science, I am being extremely literal.

Senator Inhofe has a BA from the University of Tulsa, and spent his adult life working in aviation, real estate, politics, and insurance.  Somehow he feels this qualifies him to be an expert in climate science…enough so for him to tell actual climatologists that they got it wrong.  Perhaps the saddest and most puzzling part is that the majority of the republican party agree with him.

Why would anyone trust the opinion of a politician with no scientific education over the thousands of scientists and climatologists worldwide who say climate change is real and caused by man?

“You can’t change someone’s mind if they don’t have one.  Stop listening to these people.” – Bill Maher

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