Bill Maher Talks Climate Change and the Importance of Elections

Bill Maher, Season 11On a recent episode of Real Time with Bill Maher, the topic of discussion was how elections actually matter when important issues like climate change are on the table.  In the recent mid-term elections, Americans consistently voted for any candidate with an (R) in front of their name, regardless if it meant voting against their own interests.  Many of the people that accept the science of climate change, and understand the urgency to act on it still voted for climate deniers like James Inhofe.  Why?

This is deserving of a large scale social experiment.  It seems like there is a sense of tribalism here, where Republicans only socialize in Republican circles where they reflect their identical opinions back and forth. Perhaps there is a fear of being ostracized for using logic and common sense when understanding science.  The GOP continues to fall back on the excuse “I’m not a scientist, so I can’t really say I believe climate change is man-made.”  Well, I’m not a dentist, but I would believe 98% of dentists if they all said that flossing is important for healthy gums.

That success of our modern society is a direct result of trusting people that were experts in their field.  The advances in science have given us so many great things, but now when the facts are politically inconvenient, people think the best option is dismiss them.  The only real factor here is money from the big oil lobbyists, and their influence over politicians and Republican driven media outlets like Fox News.

“I sit on the environmental committee…2 issues.  Issue number one,  in the scientific community the debate is over…just not over in the Republican Party.  Climate change is real, it’s already creating devastating problems. Heres the second issue.  Its not that these Republicans are dumb, they get huge sums of money from the fossil fuel industry and the Koch Brothers and are not going to stand up to the people that fund their campaigns.  Its not more complicated than that.”Bernie Sanders  

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