Bill Nye: Yes, It’s Cold Outside. Global Warming is Still Real.

The Reid Report on MSNBC recently had on Bill Nye the Science Guy to talk about climate change.  The timing on this interview couldn’t be more perfect.  The country is all wrapped up in a historic cold snap, bizarre weather fluctuations and the east coast is getting pummeled by record snow accumulation.

As this is all happening, we are still hearing ignorant people loudly exclaiming that there is no climate change….because hey, it’s cold outside.  This frustrates nobody more than Bill Nye.

How could there be all this cold and snow if the planet is supposedly warming?  Although it sounds counterintuitive, the massive snow storms that are blanketing the east coast are very likely attributed to the increase in global temperatures.  So every time you hear someone shrug off climate change after a heavy snow fall, please refer them to some Bill Nye videos on YouTube.

Politicians don’t have the answers.  Television hosts don’t have the answers.  Science has the answers.  Their answers are backed by mountains of peer reviewed studies.  The data is sound, it is legit, and you can trust it.  The planet is already suffering the effects of humans pumping Co2 into the atmosphere, but we need everyone to be on the same page to make any progress in slowing climate change.

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