Family Builds Greenhouse Around Their Entire Home…and The Results are Incredible


Imagine the weather outside is just below freezing, and the icy wind has driven all your neighbors inside to huddle up under blankets near a fire place or space heater.  You on the other hand, are lounging on your rooftop terrace or comfortably tending to your tomato garden, almost oblivious to the outside elements.  For one couple just outside of Stockholm, Sweden, this became their reality after they built a greenhouse around their entire home.

greenhouse3When most people think about a greenhouse, they usually visualize a small glass room (either attached or detached from their home) for growing a few plants year-round, and extending the growing season on some vegetables that would otherwise not flourish in their environment.  Not many people would picture a humungous structure enclosing an entire multi-story summer home.

For Marie Granmar and Charles Sacilotto and their young son, they dreamed of a creating a sort of self-contained and self-sustaining bio-dome that fully encapsulated their summer home.  For a cost of around $84,000, their home and some surrounding property was enclosed in 4-millimeter safety glass, which helps bottle in the heat from the sun while keeping out the frigid winds during the rather unpleasant Swedish winters.  They can enjoy the beauty of a snowy winter day while casually and confortably picking figs off the fig tree near their patio, or pushing there son on a swing.


A portion of the roof was removed to create this terrace

Part of the roof was removed to create this terrace

They were able to design a system of rain collection to properly irrigate their gardens, and turn a portion of their roof into a deck for relaxing and playing with their son…regardless of the weather outside.

Their kitchen waste is composted and later used to fertilize the garden, and their specially designed sewer and waste system separates human waste for fertilizing non-edible plants outside.

On hot summer days, they simply open up the rooftop vents and some windows on the greenhouse for circulation.  On cold winter days, they are surly the envy of all their neighbors, especially if the sun is shining.  Some days when there is no sun at all, the temperature inside and outside the greenhouse will unfortunately start to even out, requiring them to heat their home bit.  With only a little bit of sun, the temperature inside will quickly rise, creating a comfortable environment to enjoy nature year-round.

Watch the video below as they give a tour of their amazing property.

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