Futuristic Shower Can Cut Your Water Use by 90%

Orbital Shower

A while back we wrote an article about a concept for a closed loop shower called the ReFresh Shower, which filters and reuses the water from your shower.  The benefits were obvious, as showers consume a huge amount of energy to heat the water that ends up going right down the drain.  In fact, over 60% of household hot-water ends up going straight down the shower drain.

As climate change is rapidly shifting weather patterns, massive droughts are becoming a part of our new reality.  Can we really afford to be wasting water when over 20% of the world’s population already has no access to clean water?  As natural disasters and droughts grip different area’s of our fragile planet, we need to start making so real changes on the consumer level.

The concept of the closed-loop shower is a real viable option to water consumption reduction, and a company in Sweden is taking the lead.  Orbital Systems has refined the closed-loop shower to a level where you can reduce water use by 90% and reduce the energy required to maintain hot water by 80%.  Once you get past the “ew, that’s kinda gross” reaction, you will realize that this may a realistic and obvious solution to our impending water crisis.

Watch the video at the bottom of the article to get a quick demonstration of this shower and it’s impressive technology and design.  This shower really is a no-brainer, as the water and energy saving will eventually completely overshadow the sticker price.  Some day it may be hard to justify not having a closed-loop shower in your home.

orbital-recycling-shower2How Does It Work?

Its actually very, very simple.  As you shower, instead of the water slipping down the drain it is funned into Orbital System’s patented water purification filtration system where it is then pumped back up to the shower head.  The water is already warm, so it requires very little energy to maintain the temperature with the heating system on it’s way back up to the shower head.

Isn’t This Kinda Gross?

No, not at all!  Although it may seem like your are showering yourself with used/dirty water, the advanced filtration system purifies the water to drinking quality. All of your dirtiness is filtered out and discarded.  After the shower is complete, all the water is then drained out completely. When your filter is ready for replacement, you simply pop it out and send it back to the company for recycling.

How Much is Saved?

A 10 minute shower in this system will consume 1.3 gallons compared to 40 gallons in a standard shower.  That really adds up when applied to the entire population.




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