German Company Making Plates out of Leaves that Biodegrade in 28 days

As I look at this innovative product, I flash back to every summer barbecue and holiday party I have been to in my life, and the countless plastic plates that I have used that are still sitting unchanged in a landfill.  There are billions of single use plastic items just like those plastic plates that were used for 10 minutes then tossed into the nearest garbage can.  German company Leaf Republic recognizes this perpetual environmental disaster, and have put all their efforts into changing the way we look at single use disposable products.

Leaf Republic has created 100% biodegradable dishes that are made entirely out of leaves.  In a time when the idea of a sustainable future is gaining momentum and mainstream acceptance, the general public needs options like this so they can vote for a green future with their pockets books.

Founders Pedram Zolgadri and Carolin Fiechter bootstrapped this company in their living rooms before moving to a lab to create a biodegradable pot on a basic CAD program.  Their intention from the beginning was to end with a product that would return to the earth with the same speed and ease of the leaves that float down from the trees around you on an autumn day.

The process to create these dishes is just as simple as you’d imagine.  The leaves are harvested in India, where they are sewn together to create a large sheets.  Next they are shipped to Germany where they are placed on a press in three layers, the middle layer being a paper mix made of foliage.  Don’t think because they are made out of leaves that they will be a flimsy alternative, these dishes are both sturdy and waterproof.  They also contain to synthetic additives, no coloring, no glue…and NO trees have been cut down to harvest the leaves.

The best part of this product…it decomposes completely in 28 days.  Compare this to any other plastic plate off the shelf that will take hundreds of years before it returns to the earth.  Of course this is a great substitute for any occasion where you might consider using disposable dishes, especially camping or adventure excursions where disposal or packing out waste is difficult or impractical.  These plates can also be found for sale on Amazon, so go check it out.


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