When an Entire Political Party Rejects Science, Your Vote Really Does Matter


Numbers don’t lie, but politicians do.

Every election you hear someone proclaim the importance of choosing the right candidate to avoid catastrophic consequences.  Each party claims that their party is the best and electing the rival will be a complete disaster.  Most elections in the past, I would cast my vote and shrug it off assuming that not much will really change in my life.  If this election seems a bit different to you, thats because it is.  We are in a rather unique and unsettling position to possibly place somebody completely unqualified at the helm of the most powerful country on Earth.

Whichever candidate you like (or hate the least), you must agree that your vote really does matter this time around.  It really does.  It matters because right now we have an entire political party (the GOP) who rejects basic science in an effort to pander to their religious constituency.  Even more scary, is some of them aren’t pandering at all….they are just this out of touch with reality.

Of course the subject that we are focusing on here is climate change.  Although there are plenty of other topics where the Republican rejection of science is also dangerous, it has become quite obvious that if the next president isn’t on board with climate action….we are all f*cked.  All of us.  Americans, Europeans, Africans, Asians, rich, poor, political elite, liberals, conservatives….everyone.  All humans.  If you breath air, drink water, and rely on food for sustenance, you need to vote wisely in this election.  It is time to grow up and put aside the ego and the silly debates about penis size, and actually focus on substantive issues.

Whether or not you like Obama, you can’t argue with his success in making major steps toward real climate action.  The conversation has been started on a global level, deals have been made with China, and almost every major country jumped on board at the Paris Climate Conference and agreed to start moving towards solutions.  Drilling deals and pipelines are being rejected, and the renewable energy industry is booming.

As much as we care about other issues that plague our lives, nothing matters more than addressing climate change right now.  The Republican debates won’t even mention it, but like it or not….the effects of climate change are here already.  Your job doesn’t matter when you can’t get clean water for your family to drink.  Your tax rate is irrelevant when you need a mask to shield your lungs from the smog in your own backyard.  Yelling about which bible verse condemns certain lifestyles is utterly ridiculous when the bees are all extinct and can no longer pollinate the crops.

So….lets see how the candidates match up here, starting with science minded democrats:


Bernie Sanders (D)

If you are serious about not letting our children inherit a steaming pile of hot garbage, Bernie is your man.  If you disagree with his other policies on taxing the rich or free college….really, who cares?  Those issues will barely effect your life in a real way if at all.  Having a planet with no trees on it will indeed effect you.  If you forgot, I’ll remind you…trees provide the oxygen for you to breath.  Bernie has long been a huge supporter or moving to renewable energy sources and getting off of filthy coal and oil.  Seems like common sense right?  Stop doing the filthy stuff that kills us, and start doing the clean stuff that doesn’t kill us, right? If the word “socialist” is scary to you, it shouldn’t be.  Do some reading on the subject, you might be surprised.

“But wait, what about the people that will lose their jobs in the coal mines, blah blah blah…”

Jobs don’t matter on the dead planet.  They just don’t.  Besides, who would rather work in a coal mine than out in the sunshine installing solar panels?  I’m sorry, but the change needs to happen, and it might sting for a few people for a little while.  If the change doesn’t happen, it will sting really bad for all of us for a long time.  Bernie understands that NASA and the other leading scientists of the world know what they are talking about.  He wants to leave a better planet for all of us. You can learn a bit more about his plan here.

Hillary Clinton (D)

Hillary Clinton (D)

Thankfully competing with Bernie in this election has pushed Hillary to the left a bit more on some of these issues.  Some feel she is the inevitable nominee, and if so then we should know how serious she is on this.  Obama will be leaving behind a pretty decent environment legacy when his term is up, and we are hopeful that Hillary will pick it right up and continue on the same path.  The biggest concern with her is her ties to big money from possibly shady sources within certain dirty industries.  She has wavered on things like fracking, and people have serious trouble trusting her at her word.  You can read more on the specifics of her plan for combating climate change here.


Now onto the deniers…


Donald “Drumpf” Trump (R)

Okay, this reality show clown has somehow hypnotized the masses and brought closet racists out into the open, but thats not the most dangerous thing about him.   Trump has convinced himself and millions of others that climate change is a conspiracy created by China so they can steal our jobs.  huh?!  Yea, lets ignore the years or science and studies by NOAA and NASA and the most brilliant climatologies around the world.  Lets instead listen to the billionaire TV personality with zero scientific background or any idea what he is talking about.  Time and time again, he confuses weather with climate, and conflates the two.  He will say something like “the temperature goes up and it goes down, its cycles” and a sea of ignorant mouth breathers nod in agreement just because he said it with confidence.  The science is pretty simple, and the answers are very easy to find.  Don’t believe me?  Click here.


Ted Cruz (R)

This squirmy little guy is not only oozing with creepiness, but with ignorance as well.  A highly educated lawyer, Cruz somehow is letting basic science escape him.  The problem here is that for answers and direction he is relying on a book written thousands of years ago in a middle eastern dessert, in a pre-scientific society, then retranslated from language to language. Probably not the best source when we need a leader to deal with real modern problems.  I think maybe NASA’s years of satellite imagery and countless studies might be a better place to start.


John Kasich (R)

Although he seems to be the only adult in the room at Republican debates, his views on climate change are disappointing.  Initially Kasich flirted with the idea of accepting proven science and briefly agreed that climate change is a problem to address, but he quickly changed direction after he received some blowback from the religious right.  If he wants votes from his party, he will have to declare that he too does not understand science.  Does that make any sense?  It’s crazy, right?  Read more about how he feels about this issue here.


The facts are in.  We already have a global scientific consensus where 97% of the world’s scientists believe that climate change is a real man made threat in need of immediate attention.  There is no more debating this issue, as that would be on par with debating whether or not gravity is real.  At this point in the game, denying the science of climate change is a real threat to the human race.  Make sure you keep this in mind when you vote in November.

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