Our Global E-Waste Dilemma is Out of Control

Take a look around the room you are sitting in right now…specifically at the electronics.  One day that flat screen TV on the wall, the computer you are typing on, the cell phone in your pocket and the tablet on the table may all be in a landfill.  In 2014, 54 million tons of electronics were produced worldwide, and the majority of them will end up in the trash instead of being recycled.  Although the options are out there for electronic recycling and refurbishment, most people choose the convenience of the nearest garbage can over environmentally friendly disposal methods.

Our friends over at Custom Made took the time to break down some facts and figures on E-waste into the beautiful infographic you see below.  Take a few minutes to scroll through the graphs and charts  and get informed on how huge the global E-waste problem really is.

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E-waste on the Rise

E-waste on the Rise
Infographic by CustomMade

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