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Bill Maher Talks Climate Change and the Importance of Elections

Bill Maher and his panel dig into how important elections are when we have important issues like climate change on the table. As usual, he gets pretty ticked off.

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Koch Funded Group Proposes Rewriting Textbooks to Deny Man-Made Climate Change

Oh Texas….*sigh… If this wasn’t a real headline, it would be comical.  Why does Texas insist on always taking steps backwards when everyone else is trying to move forward?  What I’m referring to is the recent proposal in Texas to

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John Oliver Tries To Get Through To Climate Change Deniers

John Oliver uses math, science, and special guest Bill Nye to try to get through to climate change deniers. He makes it pretty clear that there really is no longer a “debate”, when the scientific community has a consensus based on an overwhelming amount of evidence. The debate shouldn’t be about if climate change exists, but what we should do about it.

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Neil DeGrasse Tyson On Climate Change Deniers

“It has been said that every great emerging scientific truth goes through three phases. First people say it can’t be true, second they say it conflicts with the Bible, third they say, it’s been true all along.”

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When It Comes To Climate Change, Some Republicans Are Still Covering Their Eyes and Ears

Why do Republicans deny climate change? Why does the right-wing media value the opinions of republican politicians over the overwhelming scientific consensus?

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