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Dear Future Generations: “SORRY”

VIDEO: Artist and environmentalist Price Ea fronts a beautifully written and performed video to inspire real action against deforestation and climate change.

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Bill Maher Talks Climate Change and the Importance of Elections

Bill Maher and his panel dig into how important elections are when we have important issues like climate change on the table. As usual, he gets pretty ticked off.

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When It Comes To Climate Change, Some Republicans Are Still Covering Their Eyes and Ears

Why do Republicans deny climate change? Why does the right-wing media value the opinions of republican politicians over the overwhelming scientific consensus?

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Why The Koch Brothers Are Huge A**holes

Who are the Koch Brothers?  You may or may not have heard of them…but it is in everyone’s best interest to know what they are up to. If you don’t know, I’ll give you a quick run down. They are

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