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When an Entire Political Party Rejects Science, Your Vote Really Does Matter

Every GOP candidate has been a climate denier. They would all like to undue any progress made in our fight against this global environmental emergency. In this election, more than any other….your vote really matters.

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Obama Rightfully Bashes Keystone on ‘The Colbert Report’

Obama discusses Keystone XL on the Colbert Report. Obama has a history of valuing scientific evidence over money, so it looks like he will try and stop Keystone. Republican members of congress have a history of valuing money over literally everything else, so they will be pushing for Keystone XL’s approval.

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Obama Administration Announces Massive Climate Change Funding

Courtesy Of: The Huffington Post | By Alana Horowitz   President Obama’s new climate change push was reaffirmed on Thursday when the Department of Energy announced that it will make $4 billion in loans available to clean energy projects. In a statement,

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Obama Plans World’s Largest Protected Marine Area

Article From The New York TImes – By Coral Davenport WASHINGTON — In an effort to protect diverse habitats of coral reefs, whales, dolphins, sharks, sea turtles and numerous fish species from commercial fishing and other activities, President Obama announced

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When It Comes To Climate Change, Some Republicans Are Still Covering Their Eyes and Ears

Why do Republicans deny climate change? Why does the right-wing media value the opinions of republican politicians over the overwhelming scientific consensus?

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