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German Company Making Plates out of Leaves that Biodegrade in 28 days

As I look at this innovative product, I flash back to every summer barbecue and holiday party I have been to in my life, and the countless plastic plates that I have used that are still sitting unchanged in a

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Algae-Based Bottle Biodegrades When Empty

A design student in Iceland discovers that algae might be an unlikely solution to our plastic pollution problem by designing an algae based water bottle that decomposes when empty.

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Watch: Film Uncovers the Disgusting Consequences of Plastic Pollution

Watch the trailer for the film “Midway” which uncovers the sickening result of plastic pollution. The plastic we carelessly discard finds it’s way to the ocean, and eventually it finds it’s way into the bellies of birds and fish. To see it on film may make you squirm.

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That Plastic You Threw Away…Never Went Away

With help from our friends at www.custommade.com, we outline the human dependency on plastic products, and offer some helpful tips to make more sustainable choices.

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19-Year-Old Has Plans To Clean The Entire Pacific Ocean

By now, most people are at least loosely familiar with the Great Pacific Plastic Gyre, which is the accumulation of approximately 100 million tons of plastic garbage that has been discarded into water ways, and found it’s way into a

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The North Pacific Plastic Gyre Contains At Least 100 Million Tons Of Garbage

When you throw away plastic, chances are it ends up in the Pacific Ocean plastic patch, where it breaks into small pieces for birds and fish to eat. If you eat fish…there is a good chance you are consuming harmful chemicals found in plastic.

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