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When an Entire Political Party Rejects Science, Your Vote Really Does Matter

Every GOP candidate has been a climate denier. They would all like to undue any progress made in our fight against this global environmental emergency. In this election, more than any other….your vote really matters.

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Balloons to Float Above The Clouds to Capture Solar Energy

When the biggest challenge to efficient solar panels is cloud interference….just put the solar panels above the clouds. .

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Is Your State Filthy or Clean?

Our friends at Modernize did some hard digging and found out some really interesting statistics and metrics to gauge how each state is doing in regards to renewable energy production and pollution. They then put them into some really beautiful info-graphics to make it a bit more interesting. Where does your home state rank?

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Invisible Solar Cells Could Turn Every Window Into an Energy Source

Solar technology is improving to a point where solar panels will soon be invisible to the naked eye. SunPartner Technologies is working on solar cells that can turn any window or smartphone display into a solar panel that can harness the sun.

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The Surprising Environmental Impact of the Internet

You probably never thought about it, but the internet has a huge environmental impact. Check out the info graphic made by our friends over at custommade.com

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Does the Coal Industry Need to Die for us to Live?

Coal is filthy and contributing to climate change. It is time to transition to renewable energy.

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Bill Nye Urges The U.S. To Take the Lead on Climate Change

Bill Nye the Science Guy talks climate change, and how dragging our feet on the issue will lead to our destruction

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Robot Cleans Dirt Off Solar Panels in the Desert

Powerful little robot cleans dirt and dust off of solar panels without the help of people, or the use of water.

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Low Battery? Just Plug Your Phone Into Your Window

The sun tosses free power at us all day long, why not harness it to charge your phone? The Window Socket suctions to any window, with a solar panel on one side, and an outlet on the other. Just imagine the freedom of using your mobile device on a long flight with this suctioned to the window, and having no worries of low battery.

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Earthship Homes are Bad-ass, and 100% Sustainable

Want to live in a beautifully designed home that is 100% sustainable? No electric bill, no heat bill, no water bill. Just clean modern living in the customizable Earthship Homes. Living “off the grid” no longer means living primitively.

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Spray-On Solar Panels?

Super smart scientists in the UK found an innovative way to improve solar technology in just about every aspect. By using an inexpensive and abundant mineral, they are able to create a solar solution to spray on to surfaces like spray paint, making it cheaper, cleaner, faster, and all around more awesome.

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Super Smart Scientist is Growing Batteries At MIT

Genius MIT professor Angela Belcher has found a way to literally grow batteries and solar cells by altering the DNA of an abalone shell, and using a virus to make it duplicate. It’s complicated, so you’ll really just have to watch the video so she can explain it.

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The Future Of Solar Energy May Be Beautiful, Giant Orbs

Solar technology has been improving rapidly over the last few years, but a company called Rawlemon may be completely changing the way we think about solar panels.  We’ve all seen traditional solar panels bolted onto rooftops, and they don’t exactly

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Solar Freakin’ Roadways!

Green Forward News would like to highlight a small but growing company called Solar Roadways.  It’s worth a look.  Watch the videos, click around on their website here, and then sit back and imagine how awesome this would be.  Yes,

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Elon Musk Now Makes a Move to Revolutionize Solar Panel Production

Elon Musk, if you don’t know is one of the worlds most amazing and influential entrepreneurs. If you don’t know much about him…first, shame on you. Second, read up on him here.  He is the co-founder, and face of Tesla

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Utah Utility Cuts Deal For 20 Years Of Solar Power Because It’s The Cheapest Option

Written By: Jeff Spross Boston-based renewable energy company First Wind just finalized agreements to provide a Utah utility with 320 megawatts of solar capacity for the next two decades. And the circumstances of the contracts are yet another example of

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