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The UK is Testing Roads that Charge Electric Cars as They Drive

The British government is testing new technology that would be buried under road ways to charge electric cars as they drive.

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Meet the AIRPOD, The Strange Little Air-Powered Car

It might look funny, but this little AIRPOD is run completely by compressed air, has a pretty decent range…and is extremely affordable.

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Where The Hell Can I Charge My New Electric Car?

For years, electric car owners have been searching for the elusive public charging station. The rapidly expanding company ChargePoint is bringing them to your neighborhood, and connecting them to your mobile devices for increased convenience.

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Elon Musk Now Makes a Move to Revolutionize Solar Panel Production

Elon Musk, if you don’t know is one of the worlds most amazing and influential entrepreneurs. If you don’t know much about him…first, shame on you. Second, read up on him here.  He is the co-founder, and face of Tesla

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