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Dear Future Generations: “SORRY”

VIDEO: Artist and environmentalist Price Ea fronts a beautifully written and performed video to inspire real action against deforestation and climate change.

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Underwater Logging is a Big Industry You’ve Never Head of

There is an estimated 300 million trees with useable wood under water that people want to get there hands on. Our friends at CustomMade provided us with some awesome graphics to help explain how and why this is being done.

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Will We Grow Our Homes In The Future?

Is it possible to literally grow your dream home from scratch?  A non-profit architecture organization out of Brooklyn called Terreform One is working on just that.  In fact, they claim they could grown an entire village in 7-10 years.  Founder

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Planting Trees In The Ashes Of The Deceased?

When you die, what do you prefer to have done with your remains?  Would you rather be buried or cremated?  Kind of an uncomfortable, morbid topic to talk about, but a company called Bios has been talking about it for

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