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Handheld Turbine Can Generate Power From Wind or Water

For any outdoor enthusiast that finds a need to charge their phone or camera while off the grid, the Waterlily can generate power from wind or moving water.

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Archimedes Wind Turbine May Be The Future of Urban Energy

The idea of wind driven power in urban settings has been a dream that has been unachievable due to a number of factors.  Current wind turbines only come in two forms: horizontal and vertical axis.  These turbines require a difference

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An Airborne Turbine Called The BAT May One Day Take Over The Skies

One day you may be driving through middle America, and see a new site on the horizon. Groups of large floating donut shaped wind turbines called  BATs (Buoyant Airborne Turbine) hovering among high altitude winds. Created by an innovative company

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