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You Most Likely Waste Way More Water Than You Think

The average person wastes a lot of water. Like, A LOT of water. Your water footprint doesn’t have to be so big…you can do better.

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This Bamboo Tower Can Collect Clean Water From Thin Air In Rural Africa

An Italian architecture firm has an idea that can bring fresh, clean, sustainable water to every rural African village. All that is needed is: local materials, some know-how, and their special “dew catching fabric”.

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This Shower Filters and Reuses Water. Wait, What?

At a first, it sounds a little odd, and maybe even a little gross.  But this incredible technology will do wonders for people in drought stricken areas, and help conserve water and money  everywhere else in the world.  It’s called

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Congressman Introduces Legislation to Ban Use of Plastic Microbeads in Cosmetics

There is a dirty little secret in your personal hygiene products.  Did you know that those little exfoliating beads that are in your daily face wash and other personal care products are little pieces of synthetic plastic that slip through

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