Turning Smog Into Gem Stones With a Giant Air Purifier


As the reality of climate change is weighing down on this generation and threatening the survival of all generations to come…it is time to get creative with our problem solving.  As President Obama fights a congress full of climate denying obstructionists who continue to battle common sense climate regulations, entrepreneurs around the world are trying to turn environmental disasters into economic opportunities.

One of the most eye catching stories on this topic recently is that of Dutch designer Daan Roosegaard and his 23 ft tall air purifier which he named the “Smog Free Tower.”

Regardless of your social or economic position, you need to breath air.  Billionaire fossil fuel CEOs and powerful politicians breathe the same air as the rest of us.  It has become apparent that they are either oblivious to this fact, or they simply don’t care.  So, the ball is now in the court of engineers and entrepreneurs to devise ways to keep this planet habitable until we slowly chip away at the powerful and elite enough to move them to the right side of the argument.

The Smog Free Tower is an incredible design may have some pretty incredible air purifying results.  3 years in development after being funded on Kickstarter, the tower’s intended applications is to be placed in public parks to literally vacuum the smog out of the ambient air, capture the particulate matter, and send out fresh clean air.  The smog would be sucked in through 6-sided vents on the top of the tower, and would be able to clean more than 30,000 cubic meters of air per hour.

Running on 1,400 watts of green energy, a small positive current will send positive ions into the air in the tower, attaching to fine dust particles.  A negatively charged surface will then draw the ions in for collection and storage in the tower.

So now we have a tower storage container full of smog particulate waste….now what?  The carbon particles can be condensed to gem stones to be embedded in jewelry, each stone being the equivalent to 1,000 cubic meters or air.



This tower was recently unveiled in Rotterdam, but plans are to roll it out to Beijing, Mexico City, Paris, and Los Angeles.  Really, any city that has an issue with air pollution could benefit from having these placed throughout their public spaces.  So basically…every city?

This certainly isn’t a solution for air pollution, but its something.  The only real solution is to transition quickly from filthy fossil fuels to clean renewable energy, and to plant trees instead of chopping them down.  I know I would rather wear a necklace made from air pollution than have those carbon particles sucked into my lungs as I walk through a public park.


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