Video: Using Waves to Generate Zero Emission Power While Desalinating Sea Water


As the devastating effects of climate change are becoming our new reality, we are collectively searching for the most efficient solutions to our energy needs.  Even with politics constantly getting in the way (thanks a ton, GOP), every day great strides are being made in the renewable energy industries.

We can become a bit more hopeful when innovations like this prove their efficiency, sustainability and scalability.  Once you see the video below, it quickly becomes obvious that this may be a real integral part of our renewable energy future when trying to fulfill our growing appetite for transportation and electricity.  You might find yourself thinking “why isn’t this being done for every coastal city?”

What we are talking about is a revolutionary technology  referred to as the CETO 5 system.  This technology consists of a series of large underwater buoys that harness the movement of the waves to generate zero emission energy while desalinating the sea water at the same time.  Truly a game changer if this can be scaled beyond the shores of Australia.

Named CETO after the ancient greek goddess of the sea, this technology was built and implemented by the Carnegie Perth Wave Energy Project, a multimillion dollar initiative to demonstrate the commercial viability of large-scale wave power.  By harnessing the raw and perpetual energy of nature, we may have found a really serious contender for renewable energy solutions.

This is how it works:

  • Full submerged 240 kW buoys are suspended off shore
  • As the waves move the buoys, pumps are activated
  • The pumps push pressurized water back to turbines on shore
  • The turbines generate consistent electricity (and zero emissions!)
  • Water is also fed directly into a desalination system which turns sea water into potable water
Zero emission power!

Zero emission power!

Zero emission desalinated water!

Zero emission desalinated water!

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