Videos: Vice Covers The Urgency of Climate Change and the Insanity of Climate Denial

Shane Smith of VICE heads to Antarctica to see how rapidly glaciers are melting

Shane Smith (left) of VICE heads to Antarctica to meet with scientists and see how rapidly glaciers are melting

Despite a global scientific consensus, there are is still many Americans out there that are still denying that climate change exists.  We purposely are pointing the finger at America with respect to denial, because it truly is an an American phenomenon.

Where else are people blindly following right wing TV hosts and politicians while simultaneously disregarding mountains of evidence from essentially every scientist on the planet?  Yet again, we are falling behind as a country, and definitely failing to lead other industrialized nations when the effects of climate change are already being felt around the world.

America is indeed one of the biggest contributers to greenhouse gasses, and we know it is our responsibility to transition off of fossil fuels and onto renewable energy.  We know this, and we have known this for many years.  As the alarm bells have been ringing, we have been dragging our feet towards any solution.  Nearly all of the science points to the reality of humans burning fossil fuels as the cause of our warming planet.  We are also very aware of the consequences of our actions, but the republican congress insists on fighting Obama on every change.

Now we all enjoy breathing clean air, and nobody wants to wear masks to go outside like in China.  We all need clean water and available farm land to grow crops, so why are they consistently voting against their own interests?  How have we let capitalism and large political bribes from oil companies lead our environmental decisions?

We no longer have time for debate.  We really don’t.  Things are changing.  Maybe not yet where you live, but in other places around the world, the sea levels are flooding what used to be farm land.  This will eventually effect every one of us, regardless of how rich or connected someone might be.  Record droughts are causing conflict over water shortages.  Large scale storms are destroying the Philippines and other low elevation areas like Bangladesh.

This problem isn’t going away.  It isn’t a problem that we can put off worrying about for another 50 years.  It is happening today, and if we don’t make real changes to our way of life, the climate disruption will change coastlines everywhere, forcing climate refugees inland to already crowded cities.

They crew over at Vice took some time to examine both sides of the climate “debate”.  If you aren’t familiar with Vice, it is worth the time and effort to explore their work They are on the cutting edge of journalism as they put themselves into very dangerous situations to bring the world’s most important stories to you.

They attended a climate denial conference where the speakers were paid by oil and chemical companies to keep the denial machine running.  They then traveled to Antarctica to speak with glaciologists, climatologists, and other NASA scientists.  Yea…pretty much the smartest people in the world on this subject.

What they had to say was very, very disturbing. We urge you to watch the videos below, and seek out the full version of this episode of Vice which airs on HBO.

Vice President Joe Biden agrees that we need to act on this, and slams idiots like Senator Jim Inhofe for his denial of reality



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