Within 11 Years Elephants May Be Driven to Extinction By Poachers

It may be hard to look at, but this is what happening daily in Africa

It may be hard to look at, but this is what is happening daily in Africa to support terrorist-run ivory trading.

Normally at Green Forward News we focus primarily on climate change issues and innovative renewable energy technology.  Every once in a while something strikes us as an important subject that needs attention.  Recently some light has been shed on how the mass poaching of elephants in Africa for their ivory is quickly driving them to extinction. Very quickly.

Every time someone buys some cheesy little trinket or souvenir made out of ivory, they need to be aware where that ivory came from.  An adult elephant in Africa was hunted down, and it’s face cut off while the elephant was still alive.  The sale of their tusks is one of the main ways African terrorist organizations like Al Shabaab and Boko Haram are funding their rein of terror.  Unfortunately, trafficking of endangered species is now the 4th largest business in the world.

Approximately every 15 minutes, an elephant is killed in the wild for it’s ivory.  This means that almost 34,000 elephants are killed every year.  Experts believe that at this rate, one of the world’s most intelligent animals will be extinct within 11 years.  The new short film Last Days by director Kathryn Bigelow is bringing some much deserved attention to this atrocity.

Watch the trailer for Last Days below and become aware of the destruction that the ivory trade is currently causing.  You can also sign a petition and take a pledge to never support ivory trade at the International Fund for Animal Welfare (IFAW).

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